Here's stuff I took pictures of, 10-June-2000.

The first is a picture of the System consoles for Anime and the IBM minicomputer we have. The minicomputer is an IBM System/36 and it was used for Y2K experiments. It doesn't do anything, we just run it because it looks interesting. (It's also very heavy and I'm too lazy to move it! ^_^)

Note: The machine pictured is no longer the Anime server. Anime is dead forever. The S/36 died of unknown hardware failure. Also, both computers were removed from the classroom.

Next is a picture of the box itself. Not very interesting, ne?

This is the System/36. It's much more interesting to look at.

This is what a set of T-1 SmartJacks look like. The SmartJack is the termination of the telephone company's side of T-1 lines and the beginning of the customer side. It's also referred to as the DEMARC. It's an interesting device, it allows them to do all sorts of remote testing of the line to determine how they've screwed it up. ^_^ We had 5 of these, one is for the main line to the Internet, two are for dial-up lines, one is for the phone system, and the 5th one was installed by mistake by Ameritech. (That's the one that's turned off, all of the lights on it are dim)

This is a picture of My desk. You can see the consoles for bony (the text screen), Asuka (in X-Windows), and HIKARU-SHIDOU, one of New Horizons' Win2K servers. (Via VNC, on Asuka). You can also see my picture of Lum, my car keys, my Goddess doll, and a Sailor Pluto keychain. (I had to bring the doll to work because my kid sister kept trying to steal it!) No, I have never cleaned my desk, nor do I intend to. ^_^

The desk no longer exists.

Here are my LARTs. A 2x4, and various pointy metal objects. You can't see my People Fscker Upper (It's a large lead pipe) because I keep that stashed under my desk. You can also see MINAKO's console. (My last running VAX/VMS machine.)

Note: Compaq has terminated VMS. Since my licenses for VMS have expired and DECUS no longer exists, I had to reinstall my vax machines to run NetBSD/vax.

And, finally, continuing in the grand tradition of finding stupid ways to take my picture rather than asking someone else to hold the camera, here is Me again, using one of the aforementioned LARTs to push the camera button. The machine behind my head is makoto, one of my VAXen. It's running NetBSD. The other machine in the picture is skuld, a 486DX4/100 running Linux. It does DHCP, and has the highest uptime in the building at the moment. (I have my jacket on because the cleaning people messed with the air conditioning again and it's about 60 degrees in the room. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me who's on my button. ^_^)

Note: Makoto is now at home, but the disks are long-dead.

And this is what it looks like outside.

Pictures of stuff at home - 18-JUN-2000

NOTE: This is no longer home. My mom threw me out to make room for her new boyfriend, who dumped her like so much trash. The house now belongs to her present boyfriend until HE dumps her, at which point she's homeless. I now live in an apartment of my own.

We have a much better camera at home, here's some pictures of stuff there.

Raven is my sister's cat. He's 1 year old, and weighs about 16 pounds. He has a gastrointestinal disorder - Everything inside of him (intestines, liver, etc.) is oversized. It doesn't seem to affect him a lot... He's still as much a pain in the butt as any one-year-old cat will be.

Black Jack is our other cat. He's mean to everyone, except for my stepdad. No, his eyes don't normally glow like that.

Note: Black Jack left us during my mother's vacation, the end of August. He got outside somehow, we don't know where he is. Being declawed and old as he is, it is not expected that he survived beyond a couple days.
Also, Raven died of liver failure some time ago.

This is Monica, my kid sister, being silly.

This is Monica and her boyfriend.

This is part of my room

My home PC.

USAGI-CIRCUS, one of my PDP11s. This is a PDP-11/83, running RSTS v7.0-07 when the RL02 doesn't misbehave. :P The large white box is the hard disk, the metal box above that is the CPU box, and the monitor is an original DEC VT-100. The nameplate fell off though...

Note: USAGI-CIRCUS ate its last RL02 pack some time ago, and the hardware was given away when I moved out. R-I-P.

My house.

My truck.

I no longer have this truck, it was repossessed by the bank after I lost my job.


Raccoon pictures - 24-July-2000

These are pictures my mom took of a friend's pet raccoon. Isn't it cute? ^_^

The story with the raccoon is, its mother got hit by a car (or something), and a couple of my stepdad's friends got it. They have a cabin in the woods, and they're taking care of it, and are eventually going to set it free.

This is Monica (bottom left) and my nephew Nick (bottom right) petting the raccoon.

This is my mother, teasing the raccoon. I think Monica took the picture...

This is just the raccoon. It's not very big.

This is the raccoon climbing up Monica's leg. Closeup! ^_^

In November, I got a KS10.

On Christmas Eve, we got a couple puppies! The bigger one is my mom's, the smaller one is my sister's. Mom named hers Eve, and Monica's is named Toto.

Here is my mom holding both puppies.

Same thing here, different shot.

Another of the same, different shot again.

Raven, meet Toto! ^_^

Toto again.

Raven could care less for the dog. :P

After they caused roughly $2500 damage to various things around the house, and it became obvious that the dogs we untrainable, we returned them to their original owner.

And This is a picture of Thumper the rabbit. (But I call him Bunny-chan instead. ^_^)

Note: Unfortunately, Bunny-chan passed away on 09-06-01 for no apparent reason. He was old, and I like to think it was for natural causes.